Get Moving, Motivated And Lose That Weight

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1. Make a conscious commitment to change your life. Keep track of your daily schedule for a week. Identify at least 3- 30 minute time slots you could utilize for physical activity in a weeks time. Can you commit yourself to these times every week?

2. Change your life style. Instead of taking the elevator, walk. Instead of staying at your desk during breaks and lunch, get up and walk out side or in the building. Stair climbing is a great exercise. If you are afraid of being late getting back to work walk for one third of your time, then walk back one third and use the other third redoing your makeup or anything else you need to do.

3. Let friends and family know what you are trying to do. Ask for their help and let them know the areas where you need help. Have them steer you clear of occasions where you know you will eat or family dinners where they can help you make better food choices.

4. Lack of energy. Make a protein shake in the morning. Check with your local health store for possible ingredients. Add bee pollen, fresh fruit and fiber. As you begin to lose weight you will find you have more energy. More energy will mean more activity and more weight loss.

5. Check in your community for free or financially aided classes or activities through hospitals, national organizations such as the YMCA. Walking or bike riding to and from the gym or group will help you in the long run. Check the bus routes in your area and commit to taking the bus one way and then walking home.

6. Check the internet for cyber groups you can join. These are great for support. You will find some options at the end of this article. They have a lot of good information and other people with the same needs that you have as well as a place to journal and keep track of you are eating and your exercises.

7. Change your diet. One of the best things you can do for yourself is change your diet. White flour, fatty foods, sugars and sodium are things you need to cut down on. Do not totally deprive yourself of those things you truly love, but, do cut down on serving size.

Tips: * Keep grapes, carrots, celery and broccoli or cauliflower in a sandwich bag in your drawer or purse for those times you need a snack.

Warnings: * Always check with your doctor and get his okay before starting a diet and physical routine. The doctor may also be able to give you some input as to what clubs, organizations and groups are available in your community.


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