Make a legitimate income online-$500-$5000 monthly

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Do you ever get tired of looking for work at home programs on the internet just to find out that they were scams or did not hold up to their end of the programs. Well the information I am about to give out comes from a CEO of a company who guarantee that his booklet is guaranteed to make you money online and best of all, it is free. All you do is pay a $3.00 shipping and handeling charge. ALLIANCE Internet services is a non-internet affiliated company(except for the programs that they offer). ALLIANCE has spent countless hours researching companies and weeding out the scams to come up with a booklet of only legitimate work at home programs. Not suprisingly, was the first one on the list. The booklet contains over 25 legitimate work at home companies that are totally free of charge to join and the programs they have researched and worked with have paid and paid on time. The majority of these work at home companies are backed by the BIB(better internet beareu). There is not one single program in their booklet that does not pay. Most of these companies pay you through or personal check and they pay you once a month. Remember Alliance has only included the legitimate programs in this list. It is a wi-win situation and if you are not satisfied, they will even reimburse your $3.00 shipping and handeling fee. Here are just a few of the benefits that the alliance package offers.

1- free of charge work at home opportunity packet with over 25 legitimate,proven work at home opportunities.

2- Guaranteed to work system.

3- 24 hour support

4- All of the programs listed in the list are 100 percent proven and have a history of timely payouts.

5- The payrates are legitimate and the minimum payout is easily obtainable.

Here are the company information on ALLIANCE and how you can get your hands on this free packet of a wealth of information. Send $3.00 for shipping and handeling. A small amount for a wealth of guaranteed information.

ALLIANCE Internet services

3091 mt. zion road


To get the free legitimate work at home packet, just send $3.00 to the address above for shipping and handeling and your packet will be mailed the day your order request gets here. According to where you live, I would give it 7-10 business days for your work at home packet to arrive in the mail.

Remember, this packet is free and if not satisfied,send it back for your shipping and handeling refund. To date thousands of these packets have been sent out with 0 returns or complaints.

Take control of your lifestyle and finances,give the packet a try. I guarantee you wont be disapointed.


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