Disputing an Evolutionist

I am sure that if you study the evidence for yourself you will see that God had and still has a Master Plan for the universe and for us.  Making evolution anything more than science is just ridiculous. Comparing Darwinian evolution theory, or some other version there of and creation is like comparing apples to oranges. Evolution and religion are completely two different things so, I am not sure that they can conflict with each other.

To dispute an evolutionist may seem intimidating but it shouldn’t be because, even if you have not studied science you know the Bible was written before there were scientists and, it describes the origin of universe that modern science and scientist are now starting to study. So much time was wasted on the bogus study of Darwinism that science is just now getting back to the history of the universe. Not only Christian Scientist but also secular scientist are digging deeper into how the universe was created.

The Science they think they know.
Evolutionists believe that matter has molded itself spontaneously into the intelligent form that can be found in DNA.
DNA is the possessor of information and of knowledge. Information and knowledge are the products of intelligence. Matter cannot spontaneously take on an intelligent form unless you think your coffee table is going to get up and walk away.

Every day, creation scientists are finding more and more reason to believe that evolution is invalid. Organic evolution has never been observed meaning that all observations have shown that life comes only from life.  So, life can not come from non living matter.

All of the so called early human bones that supported the evolution theory are now being called by scientist as either hoaxes or misidentified.  Lucy for example was the three and a half foot tall, long -armed, sixty pound adult it was said to walk upright. New studies of Lucy’s entire body, not just one knee bone, now show that this was not the case. Lucy probably swung from trees and is an extinct ape.

The mathematical probability that one protein could form by chance arrangements of amino acids and sequences is basically zero.  
The gaps in Darwin’s evolutionary tree have gotten bigger not smaller as scientific knowledge has increased. Darwin classified life in two categories; animal and plant. Today scientists know there are at least five including viruses.

This is a start I hope into you learning more about the subject of evolution and hopefully provoke thought and a quest for the truth.

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