How to have a Christmas party on a budget.

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What ideas do you have for this years Christmas party? Are you leaning towards a fun Christmas party theme? Perhaps you are simply looking to dazzle your friends with just a little bit work.  Here are some great tips to help you find the best Christmas party ideas on any budget.

Christmas party theme What type of ambiance do you want at your party? Since you are in charge, pick your theme. Great theme ideas are listed below.

Nativity – Your friends and family can pick their favorite charactor from the Christmas Story. The guests can be Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Angel, or one of the wise men.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus – This theme is great for adults. Everyone can wear red, and you may have a few daring friends that will actually wear a their best crushed red velvet outfits.

Santa and his elves – Children would love the pretend that they are Santa’s little helpers.

Secret Santa – Have everyone bring one gift. This gift can be store bought, hand made, or something that they want to regift.

Party Planning

Budget yourself for success. Know exactly how much money you can comfortably afford to spend on this event. Great items to place on your list are invitations, decorations, snacks, foods, special drinks, and party favors. Hand write your invitations with a note to RSVP. Have everyone contact you via email, text, phone, or mail.

Contact everyone by phone who has not rsvp’d. Knowing exactly who is coming, will help you with your budgeting. You may send out twenty five invitations, and maybe eighteen of you friends will actually drop by. Be prepared practically for people who may bring extra family members who are visiting from out of town. Have extra real food. Prepare an extra main course to feed six to ten more people. Have extra drinks, and prepackaged snacks you could open and present quickly. If no one extra comes, you have a meal that you can freeze and reheat at a later time.

Christmas Party Activities

Have fun christmas party activities planned. If there will be children at your party, have an arts and crafts table.  Have a special video, video game, or other activity set aside for the children. Play games that adults are interested in spades, dominos, texas hold em, karaoke, and fun board games.

Holiday Drinks

Since this is a gathering with close friends and relatives, think about your drink selections. Egg nog, apple cider, peppermint milkshakes, and other seasonal drinks are great alternatives to liquor. If you choose to serve liquor try to only serve it with a meal, at the begining of the evening. This is the time to pull out a fabulous drink recipe to serve with, or right after your meal. If you have family members that you know will drink, and even bring their own liquor, speak with them. Let them know that they will only be allowed to indulge themselves if they have a designated driver there are the party.

Make your party a memorable event. Take pictures, and create lasting memories. Give everyone an inexpensive party favor. This could be a candle, home made cookies wrapped in green or red tinted cellophane, or picture framed drink coasters with snap shots of your family. Use these tips to help you create a memorable Christmas party.


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