Top 10 Pearl Jam B-Sides

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And then there are those lesser-known works, that are sometimes more fun than the others. These are found on bootlegs, during some live performances, and literally as b-sides on the singles. In 2003, Pearl Jam gathered a bunch of these and put them on a cd set entitled Lost Dogs. Again, these are in no particular order.

1. “Footsteps” This was recorded during Ten. It is the companion song to “Once” and “Alive” and is found on some re-releases and imports of Ten.

2. “Wash” Another song recorded during Ten, this should have also been included on that album.

3. “Dirty Frank” This was recorded in the beginning as well. Many people think it is a dumb song, but I am particularly fond of the cannibalistic bus driver. My favorite part is toward the end when someone calls out, “Where’s Mike McCready? My God, he’s been ate!” I think it’s funny.

4. “Bee Girl” This was a wine-induced impromptu performance by Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard when appearing on Rockline back in 1993. Do you remember the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon “No Rain” video?

5. “Alone” Another classic from the old days. In the Lost Dog liner notes, Mike McCready says this is one of his favorites. It’s also one of mine, and I have heard two very different versions of it, throughout my bootlegs.

6. “Gremmie Out of Control” This is another surfing song, like “Leavin’ Here”. It’s great fun and can be found on the M.O.M.: Music for Our Mother Ocean cd.

7. “Fatal” A melancholy, yet beautiful song, found on the second half of Lost Dogs.

8. “Leatherman” I’ve only ever heard this song live, and I just absolutely adore it. It’s another one of those songs that tells a story about “a man of the land”.

9. “Brother” It’s an instrumental, with mad guitar playing, that blows your socks off on cd just as much as it could liveGet a version with lyrics on the remixed version of .

10. “Let Me Sleep” This is an early song that was a Christmas single. It’s sad, yet sweet.


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