Beauty tips: how to add volume to your hair

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Hair is important to the way that we look. It can make us look sexy or serious. You can make your hair fuller if it’s flat. There’re tips and tricks that will help you add volume to your hair.

Dry hair before you brush

Before you brush out your hair, it should be dry so that it’s not weigh down which can make it look flatter.


Hairspray will add volume if you use it together with blow dry your hair. You should use volumizing hairspray instead of regular hairspray because it could weigh down your hair.

Volumizing hairspray

Volumizing hairspray will make your hair fuller. You should use it throughout your hair and blow dry your hair with it. You should use your fingers to move hair around and in opposite direction to create a better hairstyle.

Blow dry

Blow drying will make your hair fuller. You should always blow dry your hair before going out so you can achieve a fuller look. You can pull up your hair two inches high and then twist it in an opposite direction.

Round brush

You can use a round brush to blow dry your hair. It can add depth to your hair. You can get a hold of your hair with a brush and then pull it up two inches high and then blow dry it in the opposite direction.


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