How to expose your talent and get discover

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You’ll get notice soon if you put up enough videos. One recent singer name Zee was picked up from you tube. She’s a jazz singer and she now has her Itunes and records out in stores. She’s really talented and that’s why she got her contract. You should not let your talent go to waste. You can buy a nice digital camera and record yourself. You can upload your videos to you tube and get discover.

Make a Video

You can record yourself with a digital camera or your web cam. You can record as much as you can. When recording your video, you should try to make a professional video because there’ll be professional that will watch your video. You want to make it look presentable. You should dress up, comb your hair, wear makeup and have good posture. You should use light and don’t move the camera too much.

Leave Your Contact Information in the Video

You can leave your full name, email address or phone number for professional company to reach you. Once they have your contact information, they can keep it on file and call you later. How can they contact you if they don’t have your information. You should also invite them in your video. You can say that you’re looking to perform professionally and if they’re interested they can call you. You should check your email or phone calls to see if people have contacted you.

Send Out Your Demo

If you have a video made, you can send it out to professional company and have them evaluate you. They will contact you if they’re interested. You should only send out professional videos. You should also include your business card along with the video.


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