food( a summary of food)

A summary about food.

There are many reasons why food is cooked, the fact that cooking makes food hot!  In cold weather, hot food is especially, warming and comforting.  When cooking food flavour and texture also alters.

Heat causes chemical reactions to occur changing the way food tastes,  because of these chemical reactions, cooking makes food easier to digest.

By cooking food it is safer to eat, because the bacteria is killed with in it.

When freezing food, it doesn’t kill bacteria, it just slows down the bacteria that should be multiplying when outside the freezer.  This causes  food to spoil.

With  having colds,  we can’t taste our food, our sense of smell,  and  taste is affected.  Smell is part of recognising the taste of food.  Although our tongue takes in the taste of food,, ‘but it’s our brains that process it.’

Dry foods help preserve foods, as it deprives bacteria of water they need to live.

Food flavours are, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness.  Food packaging has expiry dates to let you know by when food should be eaten.  There are also nutritional information to guide you.

Food is enjoyed by people in all different ways, in all cutures.

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