Ceramics(for everyone to know how it is made)

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For people to know how ceramics is made, which we have in our homes.

Ceramics are objects made of materials that are permanently hardened by being heated.  This  the word used, to mean articles, made of various forms of clay.

Stick clay,  is dug from the earth,  and needs to have purities, such as stones, removed before it can be used.  The clay may naturally, be red, yellow, grey, or almost white.  This can be coloured before shaping,  or covered with coloured glaze.

A huge variety of ceramic  articles can be made from clay, this is from tiny electronic components to bricks and baths,   and is unreactive, so acidic foods will not stain it.  The exposure to water and the air will not destroy it either.   When wet, then clay can be shaped, between fingers or by pushing it into a mould, before using these methods, make sure there is no bubbles in the clay.  When ceramic articles are produced, they are made a little larger than the finished product needs to be, this is because they shrink slightly when baked.

Ceramics are baked to make them hard and waterproof.  Glazes often change colour in the kiln, so test pieces of clay, dipped in glaze, are fired to make sure that the colour will come out as required.

Mosaics, are small pieces of baked and glazed clay tiles pieced together to make pictures and patterns of your choice on floors and walls.  Clay,  has been used for over fifteen thousand years.


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