Ideal relations

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         It is impossible to have ideal relations? No it is actually possible. There are ideal relations, but they are very rare, however they are not a myth.  Such relations by the way very much even are easy for revealing. It is necessary to check up simply them on conformity to all mentioned below points.


    Loyalty is a firm component of ideal relations. Because, if change can be cause of  various motivation, from desire to have a good time to desire to revenge, in loyalty motive one  love.


    Without trust there is could be no good relations. Not to mention the ideal. A golden rule of ideal couple is to trust each other. When you will know that, on arrival home, to you will arrange cross-questioning about, where with whom and why so long you were, you hardly will hasten there.

 Good sex

 The American sexologists assert that 90 % of divorces result from luck of sex. And it is not wonder, if sexual relations do not satisfy both or at least one of the partners, there is nothing that can be done to keep those people together.


    It concerns each of the partners. In one piece of coal to blow certainly it is good, but it does not mean that you are constant and in all should try to resemble each other. Presence of identical interests does not exclude that you can have your own interests and predilections.

 Ability to change

   Often at the heart of crash of relations the unwillingness of partners to make concessions and change something in their habits and principles lies. And only, if both partners can overcome the arrogance and in something itself to change – for example, to give up smoking for the sake of the loved person or to cease to spend Fridays drinking with friends, the couple who can do this can hope for strong and long-term relations.


    Strong relations differ depending on confidence of partners in each other, and in durability of their relations. The more strongly this confidence, the more natural and freer behavior of partners in relations.

Ability to listen

   Happiness is when you understand each other. This formula is remembered by everything, but not all know, how it to apply in a life and in particular in relations how to make so that you understood? Ideal pairs know that for this purpose it is necessary to simply listen to each other 

    Joint pastime

    Ideal partners do not get tired of each other.  Ideal couples have together breakfast, have together supper, rest together, together do repair and go to parents.


   It is paradoxical, but ideal relations are good that in both of them, partner understand that anybody from them is not ideal. That is why they show necessary tolerance to weaknesses and whims of other person.

 Ability to surprise

    In ideal relations it is always interesting for partners is together with each other because they are able to surprise each other. The unexpected surprises, not planned appointments and absence of templates in behavior allow holding relations for a long time. For more info visit


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