High paying keywords to write your articles with

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Using the right keywords in your article makes a huge difference in determining which google ads that will display on your article. Not only do you want to write your article with high paying keywords and high paying keyword article titles, but you will want to strategically place those high paying keywords throughout your article. Google does pay more for some keywords than they do others, so if the money is passed down and Bukisa gets paid more for your article everytime someone reads it, then I think that it is a fair bet to say that Bukisa will pay you more per impression for that article and If not, it doesnt hurt to write articles that produce high quality ads anyway. Here is an updated list that I have come up with and so far they are the highest paying keywords that I have used. The dollar amount represents the amount that google is paid each time those keywords are clicked on.

Business keywords.


2-adwords advertising-$12

3-email marketing-$13

4-money market-$12

Finance keywords.

1-student loan consolidation-$70

2-private education loan consolidation-$67

3-student loan debt consolidation-$53.

4-college loan consolidation-$52

5-private loan consolidation-$41

6-secured loan-$51

7-bad credit mortgage refinance loans-$42

8-second mortgage loans-$25

9-auto insurance-$23

10-auto insurance quotes-$20

Insurance keywords

1- term life insurance-$50

2-health insurance-$40

Internet keywords

1-business broadband-$17

2-yahoo domain registration-$45

3-ms exchange hosting-$40

4-how to buy a domain name-$30

Keep in mind that Bukisa.com pays us on a pay-per-impression scale, but if you are producing high quality content with high quality ads, then they might pay more per impression.


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