Career: is the hospital environment for you?

A career in the healthcare field is stable with a high income. It can be a great career if you like the hospital environment. Before you decide to major in heathcare, you should walk the hospital floor to see if you’ll like it or not. Some people quit nursing school after the first semester because they didn’t like seeing wounds and trauma. There’re a lot of scenes in the hospital that can be depressing. I worked in a hospital for about 4 years and I was depressed after work most of the time. I didn’t like seeing dead people or the smell of an infected wound even though I enjoy caring for my patients. You don’t want to spend time and money and then quit one day.What are the down side to working in a hospital?

No Error

You can’t make an error without a manager coming to talk to you right away. They will pull you from the floor and discuss it. A simple error like getting the wrong name of the patient can be fatal. What if you give the wrong blood to the wrong patient? They will die over the wrong blood. Even one simple mistake can be life-threatening. You need to be on top of it all day long.

12 Hours a Day

You will have to work 12 hours a day. There’re no shift that is less than 12 hours a day. You can be tired from the long hours but you’ll have a big paycheck. You get to work three to four days instead of five days a week.

6 Patients

You will have to care for at least 5-6 patients and it can be more depending on your field. This number can keep you running all day long.


You will be working with doctors who can be demanding. You will be talking to them throughout the day because you’re taking care of their patients unless you’re a doctor.

Out of Control Family and Patients

There will be out of control family and patients. The family could also have a mental illness. They will be angry and they can tell you to leave their room. Patients can scream and yell. They will push their button every single hour.

Smells Bad

You will be smelling odor from wounds and infections all throughout the day unless you’re on a psychiatric ward. If you can put up with bad smell then you’ll be fine.


There will be blood that you will need to clean up or you will see when you assess the patient. There’re some people that are afraid of blood.


You will see a lot of open wound or unusual wound that is graphic. Can you handle it? I once saw a man who has half of a skull left from a motorcycle accident. This was very graphic and some people can’t handle it.


Dead people

There will be people dying and then there’re those that are dead already. If you work in a stroke unit, you will see dead people. If you work in a medical surgical floor, you will see people dying. Are you comfortable with seeing dead people?


It’s too quiet on a hospital floor. If you like noise and fun then you might not like the silence in the hospital.


You have to wear a baggy uniform. A large top with big pockets. There’re some people that like to dress up when they go to work.

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