New Chrome 2.0 Release with Speeding Up 30%

Google recently announced in its official blog that the latest Chrome 2.0 introduced a new version of WebKit, and some update of the JavaScript engine – V8, 30% increase in processing speed for the page containing a large amount of JavaScript code. Besides, it adds a number of functions: automatic form completion, full-screen mode (F11), scaling page elements and delete the thumbnails in a new tab page, etc. At the same time, Chrome 2.0 fixes more than 300 Bugs.

In September last year, Google released the first edition of Chrome after three-year-old R & D, and this important update from the previous version had only taken eight months.

As Ideal and reality with the Web2.0-depth development, Web application dependency on the performance of browser is more and more obvious; a lot of JavaScript code has a large deal with stress to the browser. Therefore, the war between the browsers focus gradually concentrated on the processing speed of the page. The various browser manufacturers are striving to improve its performance, in particular to update their JavaScript engine, such as Chrome’s V8, Firefox’s TraceMonkey, Opera’s Carakan, etc.

Stephen Shankland used SunSpider JavaScript performance benchmarks for each browser to do a comparison. The results show that, Chrome 2.0 has the best performance, followed by Firefox 3.1 and Safari 3.2, IE 8 is in the final. From the 2009 monthly statistics of browser market share data, Chrome’s share has been growing, and in April reached 4.9%.

However, apart from the kind words of Chrome, there are a number of different voices.

Computer security expert Harry Waldron said in his blog that:

Although Chrome 2.0’s processing speed of pages and the basic functions has improved, but Chrome’s design philosophy – to hide the details of a variety of configurations to the user – maybe cause the potential problems of network security, IT professionals need to have a more comprehensive Chrome control, including security updates for the browser to close and open the JavaScript and Flash, these attributes in other browsers is very easy to configure.

Adrian also said that although Chrome is fast, but still lacks many common browser functions, and do not support Mac and Linux systems. Should be noted that at the same time, IE8 and Firefox’s market share also increased, only IE6, IE7 on the decline.

If you have installed Chrome, the browser will soon be automatically updated to the latest version, or go to Google home page to download the latest version of the installation package.

For more information, please see the official Chrome blog, you can watch Chrome Product Manager for the video to introduce Chrome 2.0.

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