Why guys (or girls) cut lines into their eyebrows

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If you walk along the sidewalk downtown, you might have seen a few young men with lines shaved into their eyebrows. This way of style is marked to ‘impress’ women whereas others do it to follow trend. To have a line into one’s eyebrow, there must be special precautions taken or the lines may come out crooked and/or uneven. You can get these specially done by a barber or even at a beauty salon. If you would like to get these done from home however, I recommend that you first mark the area you’d like to rid hair of with a white eyeliner pencil (these go for only $4 at drug stores). I also recommend that you purchase a facial hair trimmer also found at your local drug stores. Having purchased the two, after marking that area, you’d carefully place the razor on the white line until the line has been achieved. Please be sure that you are not rushed because this is not something that can be hurried.

As you may see on cable television, such as MTV or BET, you can see that many Music Artists have their eyebrow ‘lined’ up. This is probably where the whole ‘street thug’ apperance may have started due to the life style that they [claim to]live. I’ve read a question once asking why only Mexicans have the lines but this is simply not true. It really must depend on where you’re from to see that only Mexicans do this because I have seen more Asians doing this than both Mexicans and African Americans put together in my area.


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