Can you be psychic, and still be a child of God?

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People have a tendency to confuse God with religion. People also have a tendency to confuse the term ‘psychic’ with the act of fortune-telling. The term ‘God,’ as defined by our trusty Merriam-Webster dictionary is the supreme or ultimate reality. We are all God’s children, as we are all creations of that supreme reality. As such, we are each individual pieces of a whole, and since we come from an origin that is defined as supreme and ultimate, we then are each, by nature, instilled with the ability to use, work from, and live by the characteristics of that ultimate reality.

On a daily basis, every one of us uses psychic powers. The reason this is shocking or unbelievable to some is because of the terms we use to define it, and the way in which we categorize certain beliefs, judgments and occurrences. Intuition, for example, could be defined as a psychic power. The term ‘psychic’ simply refers to that which lies outside of the sphere of physical science or knowledge. The way in which intuition works has not yet been defined by science, yet we have all experienced it. Intuition, like any other skill or talent, can be improved with practice.

Fortune-telling is the act of predicting future events based upon intuition, signs or divination. Though the gift of foretelling may be amongst the spiritual gifts of any person, it is only one possibility within the spectrum of available abilities. Expecting that someone who is psychic must be able to predict the future is like expecting that an artist must be able to paint. Artists have all sorts of talents, painting being only one of many. Not all artists are skilled at painting, not all psychics are skilled at fortune-telling, and not all people are skilled at using psychic abilities.

Being psychic’ therefore, is not something that you are or you aren’t. It’s a matter of which gifts you were created with, and which talents you choose to practice and develop. We’ve all heard of people who can see auras, and people who can sense spirits. There are even people who can receive messages from other-worldly beings, and people who can heal themselves and others with touch, energy, or mind ‘powers’. These notions are not new. Any study of historical peoples, tribes, events and religions will uncover the fact that there have always been people skilled in these areas.

As with drawing, painting, piano-playing, and cooking, anyone can develop skills that fall under the psychic category. Practice is absolute key. Unless you are born with a strong tendency toward clairvoyance, telekinesis, or some other ability defined under the realm of psychic, practice is essential. With persistence, any ability can be improved, including those which we deem supernatural. As our conscious awareness expands, each of our spiritual gifts will reveal itself in new ways, further benefiting our human experience. In other words, pay closer attention, gain additional knowledge by reading trustworthy sources, and you will begin to understand which gifts are inherent in you.


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