Attending a Zombie March

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Adapted from the original article How to Attend a Zombie March with permission.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that puts on a zombie march, you really should attend. It’s not only a fun time, but the spectacle is really unmatched. Hundreds of people dressed as zombles stumble down the street in the middle of the day! Whether you go in blood and makeup or just to watch the horror unfold, you’re sure to have a good time.


Step 1. Before the day of the march, get to know some of the people who will be attending. Introduce yourself on message boards, forums, and facebook groups. Talk to the hosts online and get a feel for what the event will be like. Getting to know people fore the march will make it much more fun. You’ll also be able to find out where people will be hanging out before things get started – it’s easier to find the horde if you’re already in a group.

Step 2. Get into costume before the day of the march. Check the weather and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. The actual costume is all up to you – some people wear bloody torn up clothes, and some don’t even dress up. If you want to go the extra mile, think of a creative costume! The more creative zombies tend to be featured in photo and video coverage of the event.

Step 3. Most marches feature a “makeup spot” in the hours before the event. You can go to this nearby location to have professional horror makeup done by people hosting or attending the march. Sometimes makeup is free. The artist may also ask for a small fee (or recommend a donation).

Step 4. When it comes time for the actual march, just follow the horde. Do your best stumble and groan. If you really want to get into character, stay towards the front of the march – if you’d just like to spectate stay toward the back. Be prepared to have cameras on you. Onlookers will also be puzzled and often approach for questions. While you’re more than free to talk to them, it’s often more fun to casually reply “brains” to any of their questions.

Additional Tip

So called “haunted house” rules apply. Don’t touch strangers, don’t mess with property. Mind your own business and use common sense.


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