Beauity Tips for Working/Busy Woman

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You are a working woman and work long hours, you are a house wife and cannot steal enough time that you can spend on yourself to make yourself sexy and good looking. In this article, some quick and informative suggestions that’ll help you get a brand new look in almost ZERO time.  

  1. You should use your favorite body spray or perfume. By spraying only a few sprays in no time, you can smell good.
  2. As you might know, Lip-gloss goes a long way. By quickly applying some form of a lip-gloss, you should easily be certain of the fact that it will make the change needed.
  3. By applying mascara quickly to your lashes, you can bring out your eyes in just one minute. You should apply some eye shadow to improve your looks, if you have a few spare seconds.
  4. You can conceal your dark circles and spots under your eyes with the help of concealer stick, make up powder or cover up. This thing can be done in only one or two minutes. So, within two minutes, you can treat all the problems of your face.
  5. Just to make sure that you don’t get some form of flyaway, you should use hairsprays or gel. In such situation, these things can be very helpful. Gel or hairsprays can easily be utilized within a few seconds.
  6. You should always keep a few of those handy old pins or clips spare in your handbag if possible. By using these clips and pins, you can 1transform your hair and the way you look in 30 seconds.

If you are a house wife and looking after your children and wife, then the last thing in your mind would be the make up; however by following the above mentioned tips, you have to spend only 5-10 minutes for wearing make up. You can make your appearance good and graceful by spending these minutes at yourself.


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