How to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

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Weddings are expensive. One place that you can cut down on expenses is at the wedding reception. Thinking outside the box will take you a long way in accomplishing this goal. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Make your own place cards and thank you notes for the wedding reception. There are many places that sell do-it-yourself wedding kits that include invitations, place cards, and thank you notes. You just buy the kit and print the cards up at home on your personal computer. The most expensive part of the process is buying ink. You will still most likely come out cheaper than buying the cards from a wedding shop.
  2. Make your own wedding favors. Buy some pretty fabric and cut it into little sections. Then make the sections of cloth into little bags to put candy in. It’s very easy to do. Just cut a square of fabric and place some candy on it. Then pick up each corner and pull them together. Hold all four corners together and tie some ribbon around to keep them secure. You’ll have cute little candy bags your quest are sure to enjoy!
  3. Have a potluck wedding reception. If you are willing to try something a little different, this is a great idea. Have each guest bring a covered dish to the reception. This will cut down on your cost tremendously! Food is a big piece of a wedding reception budget. Anyway of lower this is a good idea. It won’t be a big burden on any one person because each guest only brings one thing. It’s a reasonable solution that will save you big.
  4. Use crisp white sheets as table clothes. No one will ever know the difference if you wash and iron the sheets before hand. White looks fresh and clean and will offset the colors in flowers and centerpieces nicely. You can often find twin sheets on sale at department stores.
  5. Make your own centerpieces. Take two votive candles in clear holders and a small vase of flowers and put them in the center of each table. Minimal is in these days! Use it to your advantage. You’ll be surprised how good this little centerpiece looks on the table. For an added touch sprinkle fabric rose petals around it all. You can get these at party and hobby stores. They are inexpensive.

There are other ideas you can come up with to make your wedding reception less expensive if you put your mind to it. Go to stores and look around at all the wedding supplies they have these days. You can do everything yourself if you want. Make it fun and show off your personality!


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