The Integration of Quests into Warcraft

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Quests are an important part of World of Warcraft. Separate from anything else they stop the game from becoming tiresome too fast by adding to the immersion into the World of Warcraft world but even the quests become a necessary evil after a while. The first occasion you run through them they are all new and shiny. The following occasion you play, you try to deploy some options, but after than it grows more of a routine practice than anything else. After some time quests are all about finishing it in the most efficient manner, and there are 2 ways one can do this. The first happens to be the commonest, which according to a few, is one of the ways where you win by trial and error. With this method, there is nothing prepared as part of your campaign, you simply walk the trampled path. The real problem with that approach is you often find yourself saying things like “Oh, I really needed to go THERE”, “Hmmm?this person doesn’t have the Muffin of Doom at all, it must have been that other guy” and alas “Where’s my corpse”?

The 2nd method requires strategic thinking where you track your movements and go on fine-tuning your campaign as you move from one point to the other until you finish the trail. I personally learnt about this strategy while I played a now-defunct game called Pools of Radiance and this holds to any game, which has any replay worth. If you feel that you might return the same way, take notes as you journey on on the way. If you believe you’ll be doing the pursuit again, make remarks on the pursuit and travel a different path for variety by all means. You are most welcome to try out various options but if you forget to note down your activities, chances are that next time around, you would be moving about like a headless chicken. How much of that would you note down? Let us take journey down memory lane and re-visit Pools of Radiance, which taught me my first lessons. I brought my heroes from the walls of Phlan and sailed along the river to reach a lake. In the center of the lake was a huge pyramid purging all sorts of pollution into Phlan’s lovely clean river and my heroes had to investigate.

To come to the point, the pyramid contained one of the most stressful mazes I have ever seen. Not only was it twisty and inconceivable to see any landmarks, but it also had teleportation systems which arbitrarily jumped you all over the area. I spent lasting hours trying to handle the labyrinth till I started to jot down every exploit that I made. This allowed me to finish the expedition in ten minutes when I attempted to run it with a new group the next time. Though it may sound very boring and fascinating in the outset when you start to map, note down and polish your movements but when you finish it quicker than everyone else, the next time, then everything feels good. David Connor is an author and online game player. He also has several sites that offer great deals on things like a dog bed and information on the dog breed yorkie



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