Melbourne Zoo – Pictures speak louder than words.

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Melbourne Zoo has more than 320 species to view, and is only 4km from the city centre. The zoo is uniquely divided into several ‘sections’ – African, Asian and even a botanic garden. Feeding time is a very real experience as can be seen by the tiger eating the goat in the thumbnail. Emu and peacock roam the zoo freely and enclosures allow good views of animals without disturbing them.

Places to eat could however be improved; these are few and hard to find. The eateries also provide a limited range of food. I’d advise packing some food!

The unique flora of the Australian desert can also be appreciated when visiting Melbourne Zoo. The huge trees and range of botany can be as attractive as the animals on show. The zoo also houses an aviary and a butterfly house that are both simply wonderful and provides very close-up experiences to visitors.

I’d recommend taking off a day (a good day!) to truly appreciate the zoo, although it can be said that the zoo can still be appreciated to a certain extent on bad days as there are many exhibits in covered areas.

These are some of the photos taken in 2008 at the Melbourne Zoo. (For more click here)


Melbourne Zoo is open from 9.00am every day and can be easily visited by tram, train or car.

Tickets are priced at an average of $20. Carers for a disabled person is given free admission. Concession and family prices are available.


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