Artistic expressions of an Individual and the Society.

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Artistic expressions of an Individual and the Society.

One may do the work one likes, but how to do the work? That appeals to each individual’s likings and understanding. A person likes what he understands. This is very true of art as well.

 Art is simply socio-cultural aspects of the humanity at large. How to look at a piece of drawing as an art or just as a hobby makes a world of difference. Some portraits are expensive and there are people to pay any amount of price for them. It is artistic fulfillment that leads to a sense of achievement for both the artist and the person who possesses it.

Famous personalities and art

John McEnroe who was a famous lover of art says, “Art actually gave me pleasure; it gives me pleasure, like my house, like my home. Yes it is also a good investment.  When something I bought for $4000 is worth $2 million that gives the pleasure too. The market has been incredibly strong but who is to buy me and my ex-wife?”

 Edward sheriff Curtis succeeded in taking about 40,000 photographs, the best of which were compiled in the book ‘The North American Indian” a vast ethnographic study published in 20 volumes.  The New York Herald declared it ‘The most gigantic undertaking in the making of books since the king James edition of the Bible!”

 It is true! It is 60 years since Edward Sheriff Curtis died, but his extraordinary photographs continue to haunt the imagination says an art admirer.  How it is possible that these wonderful arts represent humanities various faces, time period, emotions in a lay- man’s language. It is not the colors and the lighting that catches the eye of the art lovers, but the blend like a human being with a body, mind, intellect, emotions and spirit complex that is depicted.

 The art work Mona Lisa has the highest insurance value in history because it was assessed at US $100 million in 1962 records the Guinness Book of World Records. It is estimated approximately at US$670 million in 1996.

Anders Peterson a well-known authority on art market research says, “Auction houses mostly skew the picture, especially in a market where there is lack of education and information. Galleries need to have a long-term commitment to the artist they support even when the market is not bullish,” said Peterson, He informed that in the west the price correction is going on and the Indian market is booming to become a goldmine.

Academic discourses, publications, catalog, essays, and art reviews should be encouraged at all levels to create a mature market.

Plural to the Singular

A human being either paints something outside or paints himself or herself in the form of nail polish, tattoos and odd hairstyles etc., this is seeking something outside always.  The seeking goes on until death. It seems that a human being is seeking perfection outside or on his or her own body someone praises and someone ignores… A particular aspect that is liked by many, is most sought after, fetches a high price whether it is a piece of drawing or a photograph or a fashion design. Again these art forms are popularized by a famous personality like an actor or a sport star. Again the artist creates an art according to what the common man feels. This seems to be a cycle that has been going on since time immemorial.

Artist >Art > A famous personality >Common maCommon man. >A famous personality > Art > Artist

Need creates Innovation? Or Innovation creates Need?

This is a big question but not an issue as far as art has value.

 What creates the need?

The need is created simply to fulfill one’s expressions in an art form through possession of  a piece of art until it is outdated either by one’s own want or by the trend prevailing.

It is clear that art is a seeking, or a way to evaluate the needs of a human being from the gross to the net, physical to the subtle, many to the one! *



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