Fourth of July : ways to have fun

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Fourth of July is around the corner. You can make a list of the things that you can do for the holiday. It’s a great day to go on a date. You’ll have someone to watch the fireworks with or go drinking with. The fireworks can get your date on the right mood. It’s a great time to go out with friends and family. There’s nothing that is more intriguing than seeing fireworks. The fireworks noise is unforgettable too. You can plan ahead and find a spot to watch fireworks this Fourth of July. The beach is a great spot if you’ll take your girlfriend or your date. They also have restaurants near the beach and you can dine while you catch the fireworks. If you’re in Las Vegas, you can’t miss the fireworks here on the strip. Fireworks shows will be at most local High School for free. You can also have a party at your house but you should be careful if your children will be playing with fireworks. There’re injuries every Fourth of July.

Go Early

The parking lot is crowded and you might not be able to find a great spot. If you go early, you can find a great spot to park. You can go an hour early if it’s at the beach. People get their car towed away every Fourth of July at the beach. People park recklessly at the beach because they think that the police don’t care. I drove by every holiday and saw around twenty to thirty cars that were towed away. It can be costly to get your car back and you’ll also get a citation too. It’s best to park properly or carpool around the holiday.

Bring Food and Drinks

If you’re going to be at the beach or the park, you can bring food and drink since there’re won’t be any at the park. You can be more comfortable if you have food and drink. You can also bring a jacket because it can get cold in the night time. You can also bring a cell phone just in case you have problems. You can also be careful of surrounding fireworks. It’s important to be safe and have fun at the same time.

Go With Someone

It’s more fun if you go with someone. You can ask someone on a date or go with your friends and family. The more the merrier. Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the fireworks with people that you love.

The Beach

The beach is a great place to spend Fourth of July holiday. You can swim in the day time and watch the fireworks during the night time. You can camp out all day at the beach. It’s also a great view from the beach. You’re not blocked by anything else. The water and fireworks can be the best combination to watch.

The Local High School

Most fireworks shows are free at the local High School. It’s best to go someone near your home. If you life near a High School, you should watch the fireworks there. You should go early and find parking. It can be crowded at the local High School.

Have Your Own Party

It’s a great time to throw your own party. You can have food, drinks, music and friends. You can spend this time to catch up with old friends and family. You can have the freedom to drink booze because you can’t do this at a park or the beach.


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