Dating tips for men

There’re certain things that men should never do on a date or should never tell a woman because she will run after hearing it. You should know all of the rules if you want to get ahead with women.

Men can always read more about dating tips. I’ve been on dates with a few men who seem like they have never read an article on dating tips. It’s alright to be clueless but it’s not alright to pass by a dating tips article without reading it. You’ll get better as you read people’s opinion. How will you learn if you don’t care to read on? The more you read dating tips article, the more you will break into a woman’s mind.

Women like someone who care to dress up

Men don’t like to go shopping. They wear the same thing over and over again. They wear the same jeans and golf shirt every date. How do you expect to turn on a woman? Women have taste too and they will like you more if you dress up for them. This means you should wear nice, new clothing whenever you’re out on a date. I’ve went on a date once and the guy was wearing beat up clothing that looked ten years old. Was I impressed by him? Not at all, I thought he just didn’t care to look good. I had a hard time looking at him all throughout the night. What you wear can make or break a date. You’ll look hot and attractive if you put on a nice pair of slacks and a cool dress shirt. You can be formal. Women love men who dress up. The more you dress up the better. You can get a second date if you dress up more. There’re men that just won’t take the time to dress up.  You should know a woman’s taste. They love fashion and they love to see their man being fashionable.

Groom yourself

Women love it when you have a clean cut and you shave your beard. She might not want to get close to you if you have your hair and beard everywhere. She might wonder if you care at all. You should have a nice, clean hair cut and shave your facial hair. This is the standard for the workplace or just to go out in public. Too much hair can make you look messy.

Don’t drink so much

It’s great to drink when you’re out but if it’s daily it can turn a woman off. They want someone who can stay sober enough to call them daily. They don’t want you to spend all of your money on drinks either. If you take too much time away to drink with your friends, you can lose her.

Take some time out for the relationship

You can lose a girlfriend if you focus too much on the Lakers and beers. They’re not that interested in the Lakers or beers. Women want to spend time alone with you. They want to have some time together without the boys and without the Lakers. You should spend less time in front of the TV and more time with her.

Give up bad words

Women like a courteous man. You can lose her if you swear a lot and especially at her. Women don’t like swearing at all. They don’t like it period. You can replace it with softer words if you want them to stick around. They can be annoyed by it if you do it daily.

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