How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

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The photographer is one of the most important people you will have at your wedding. Without them you will never be able to show your children and grandchildren the way you looked in your dress, the beautiful flower arrangements you used, the beautiful cake you ordered. The photography is a very important aspect of your wedding.

When you are shopping around for a photographer it is most important to stay on budget. However, take your time searching for the right photographer. Look at dozens of portfolios ask hundreds of questions.

Some important things you will need to know is how many albums they will create for you. How many images you will receive. Their personal style of wedding photography (do they prefer posed shots, candids, or a combination). How many photographers will be shooting. Will the photographer who you’ve spoken to, who’s portfolio you’ve seen, be the actual photographer (they sometimes send assistants instead). Then of course anything else you can think of.

Another concern is the contract. Be sure to read it carefully. If they are demanding full payment up front and no chance of a refund if the pictures do not turn out well be cautious. Most photographers will take payments over time and only require full payment when you pick up your final albums.

Lastly, don’t forget to negotiate. Few photographers will likely lower their rates but you may be able to get a free engagement portrait, an additional parent’s album, discounted framing  or some other deal if you do a little prying. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

As long as you give yourself plenty of time you should be able to find the ideal photographer and your wedding memories will be captured on film for all to see.


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