Freelance writing: what do copy writer do

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What do copywriters do? Copy writer spends time creating headlines for advertising and commercials. They create those funny lines that you hear on the radio or read in the Newspapers. They come up with those catchy, mind captivating words that will get you buying more. Remember “got milk”, it was everywhere for awhile. Copy writer can work on-line or offline. You just have to find companies that are looking to hire copywriter.

Copy writers can write in may types of field and not just advertising alone. They can write for magazines or News company. They can also edit and rewrite things. They work with anything that has to do with writing. Copy writing can be a lucrative career if you’re good at it. It all depends on your talent and they need creative people out there.

You just have to market your talent and hopefully you’ll land a gig somewhere. You can do a google search for companies that are looking for copy writers or just look up listings in career centers and jobs websites. Once you work as a copywriter, you have to work closely with clients to produce the work that satisfies their needs. Copy writing can be fun if you got a talent for it. A copy writer can work for an advertising agency and they can make a great living doing it. They’ll be a part of the creative team. They can brainstorm ideas for funny videos or commercials. You should save your previous work so you can audition for more work later on.


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