How to find great article content for your articles

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If you are going to write an article(especially to get paid for it), then you want to write on topics that are interesting,unique and popular. You can easily achieve this by following these simple methods to help you find great article content to write your articles about.

1-The news – Whats going on in the world today? Everybody loves gossip,love stories,war stories and updated news. Look in your local newspaper or look online for updated news information. Remember dont plagerize . You can take a topic an put it into your own words.

2- Google suggest – This is one of the greatest ways to find popular and unique article titles that you can write about. Just go to google suggest and type in “how to” and a scroll down menu will appear with related results matching the “how to”. There will be a number to the right of the “how to”, this number represents the amount of times the “how to” has been searched in a months time. the higher the number, the more popular the title is. You can start with the letter “a’ and go right down the alphabet. Example: “how to a” how to b”. Everytime you put in the “how to” with the letter, the scroll down will appear with results that start with that letter. You can get hundreds and hundreds of article titles and content this way.

3-  Search the internet- Do a google for “popular topics” or “hot topics” on the internet. You can even search do-it-yourself content on google and find thousands of projects to write on. Remember, as long as it is in your own words, then it is not plagerism.

4- Magazines and books – Have you every been reading through a magazine or a book and came across a topic and said to yourself ” I can write an article about this”? I have. Magazines hold a wealth of information.

5- Internet research – If you have ideas, write them down and research those ideas before publishing them as articles.

6- Free article content directories- There are hundreds of free article content directories online. You can visit these sites and see what topics are popular and what ideas and topics are getting the most attention. Also pay close attention to those articles that are ranked higher on the search pages. The higher the ranking(within the top 5), then the more popular the article is.

There is always something to write about. Keep these steps in mind when your mind is starting to shut down. The internet holds a wealth of information that is just waiting to be written.


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