Earning money with moola

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Moola.com is a site with a new twist into earning money online. You get paid by playing a game in their site and viewing advertisements in the process. For beginners you are given a penny to play with and everytime your account goes to zero if you lose they will replenish it back to a penny.

They have several games available. New account holders get to participate on three online games. You need to build on your account and your earnings to be eligible to play more games. They have several original available games for you if you have built a reputation. First there’s Hi-lo a game in which you guess if the next card will be higher or lower. Simple enough to learn and very fun.

Second game is Gold Rush. It is a game of smarts as you are given 6 gold nuggets with a weight ranging from 1-6 lbs. The computer then shells out another nugget with a certain amount of weight then you and your opponent fight it out by putting in your own nuggets to win the pot. First to 32 lbs wins the game.

The next game is Rock-scissors-paper very easy to play!

If you have gained enough money and your level went up then you are allowed to play in games such as sports tracker which allows you to predict outcome of pro-sports games real time. There are also other card games available such as black jack and the likes but only for members with a certain amount of cash in their account!


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