Sing! I Think Your Angels Are Trying To Contact You

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People who love to sing, may have been told they have the voice of an angel. These angelic voices may have actually been inspired by heavenly angels themselves.

All people have been created by God. It’s only natural for his spirit of love to come to us through sounds of music. A familiar melody may seems to fill your head with a song you know you should recall. It’s not just a mere accident that our spirit may want to sing a tone. Whispering to our spirits is how the angels talk. They may just want to share a song with you, or an urgent message thought.

Whispering music is God’s way of telling us to keep our spirit true to him. Listen! Then all we’ll need to do is hum a little sweet gladness that dwells with in our soul. This soul can beat the best of woes, if his fellow followers will just open up their heart, and let their joy fill their hearts with one captivating hymn.

Angels want to fill our hearts with peace. Little did we all know, that all we need to do is set a spell, and ask those well assigned angels we’ve been blessed with, to just send hymns of praise, until we can grab on to their holy angels blessings.

Let your voice speak loudly through your angel’s messages given. These messages you don’t want to miss. They maybe be singing you the greatest song you’ll ever hear.

Are you listening!


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