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Reviewstream.com is a bit of a tricky site for me. It interested me at first as it seemed easy enough that I could do it with my eyes closed. Then came the bitter part, if your article or review is not that good then they will only pay you 1/5th of their current review rate which is at $2 per review. So I wrote over a thousand reviews for their site and have finally found ways to receive the full $2 instead of the protracted rate. Here’s what you need to do:

— Make sure that your review has more than 120 word count. Proofreaders at reviewstream are very specific on this ruling so you need to prioritize this.

— Write based on your experience and not on what you’ve heard. It is easier to write a summary of something you have experienced yourself than to write a review which you have no idea about. Don’t pretend to be a master of the topic if your not!

— Install a bit of your personality into your reviews! Write exactly how it happened with your experience on that certain product or person and do it as lucidly.

— Never plagiarize! Even your own work with other sites get rejected if you attempt to use it at reviewstream.com.

— Be specific and detailed. Explain the situation or your experience really well. Every detail helps so put this into consideration when writing for them.

— Abvoe all, submit quality content! That’s the bottom line. If you made a well-written review with the above steps performed to the dot then there’s no reason at all that they would relegate your reviews to their “bulk rate”.


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