Who Knew That Swine Flu?

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Who Knew That Swine Flu? 

Sniffling, sniffling

Sneezing, sneezing

Pain, high fever

Knees are weakening

It’s an outbreak of

The dreaded Swine Flu

Headaches, chills

Your nose is runny

Ears stuffed up

Your food taste funny

So here are a few things

That you ought to do

If you cough in Public

Cover your mouth

With your Sleeve

Wash your hands often


After you Sneeze

Stay home

If you don’t feel well

Get rest, have some stew

Put up your feet

Take your Meds

And try to stay cool

While you sit back and relax

You can ponder the fact

That you didn’t know

Fat Pot Belly Pigs



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