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Online Surveys– Doing online surveys allow you to earn money while sitting at your desks. The only drawback with this is that payment sometimes is not that high. Here are some legitimate survey sites you need to consider:

Myview.com — This site is absolutely one of the best survey sites out there right now! They pay quite generously for your time and the staff seems very Courteous. I’v been a member with myview for over a year now and have earned a good amount of money doing their survey.

http://www.AWSurveys.com/HomeMain.cfm?RefID=chaddie01 — AWsurveys gives you $25 to start. And they have contests held throughout each month for a $500 drawing as well.Their process  is a bit more simple. You need to evaluate a site and submit your opinion on the site! That’s it! You don’t need anything spectacular!

Lightspeepanel.com — I consider lightspeed to be at the top of the list as well. Very good site with a slightly different system than with myview. they give you points instead of outright cash for surveys you have taken and after you have accumulated enough points you can cash them out through paypal!

SurveyU.com — I really love this site! Very legitimate and payout is very attainable! Basically SurveyU is for college students around the country. The significant thing which stands out ot me is that their questionnaires aren’t that long. Also, payout is at 150 points for $5 to your paypal account. Each Survey has a minimum 100 points per so basically in two surveys you can get that payout!


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