How to ask out Mr. or Ms Perfect

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How to ask out Mr. or Ms Perfect

How do you make that romantic first move? Your heart pounds, you doubt yourself and then, you weigh the risks.  

Acknowledge the attraction.

In life we so often regret what we didn’t have the courage to do. Take the risk and make a move. Enjoy that flutter in your stomach, the wave of heat, the nervousness that comes from taking the risk of asking someone out.

Don’t try and convince the other person to say no before you even ask him out. Why would you say “you’re probably busy…but?”

Merely and simply state your desire to see this person again.  “I really enjoyed our conversation today I would like to see you again” Easy right?

Get rejected. If you are not getting turned down once in awhile it means you aren’t asking and taking that important romantic risk. Only risk can create possibility.

Guys please avoid the pick-up lines. Women have heard all the pick-up lines and believe me you haven’t come up with anything new or ground breaking.

Men and women both want honesty and openness. When asking someone out for the first time make and keep eye contact, no looking at your shoes.

Some people ooze sexuality and you know there must be a chemical connection between you. Well, trust your instincts its trying to tell you something. After all that’s why its there and men have instincts (gut’s) just as well as men.   

Don’t put off asking her out. While you’re  hemming and hawing around she make be picking out China patterns with her new fiancé.

When you do ask him or her out have a plan ready. A “hey wanna go out sometime?” is not an offer of a real date.  Ask for a date “Would you like to see a movie on Friday night?” That’s an offer of a date but be flexible and open to counter suggestions. A movie may not be a good suggestion however if you wish to talk and get to know the other person better, a better place might be a coffee shop or restaurant. Men and women feel more relaxed and safe in public meeting places even a sporting event could be a first date.

Have fun and just do it.  There are plenty of fish in the ocean but the ocean is getting smaller.


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