Saturday, December 16

Making Ends Meet

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Making ends meet and paying the same bills on less wages is a tricky thing to do, but doable all the same. some of the things that you once found to be a necessities are really an unnecessary luxuries.  

Making money stretch and paying the bills seems to be getting a little worse everyday, so while we are waiting for the Stock Market to turn and more jobs to become available we need as many money saving ideas as possible.  Here are some tips I hope you find helpful.

Get by with one car.
Is it feasible to use public transportation or do you and your spouse work the same schedule and can car pool? If one spouse doesn’t work, keep only one car. This will save money on gas, insurance, a car payment and maintenance.

Use restaurant coupons.
You can still eat out if that is your lifestyle or preference, but use restaurant coupons, share a meal, eat an appetizer as your main course or eat half your meal and save the other half for another meal.  Restaurant meals are much too big anyway.

Join a food co-op.
Any one can join a food co-op like Angel Food Ministries and it will stretch your grocery dollar. You look at menus place your order and then pick up your food at a nearby church or community building.   

Sell some stuff.
You probably have some things that you do not use any more, why not sell them at a consignment store? Some stores will even buy your things out-right like Plato’s Closet. Consignment stores are a great way to sell your things and a great way to shop and save money.

Even if you are not a family that is struggling financially you can simplify your life, cut costs and raise or save money.


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