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How to Amazon Selling

Everyone knows what a great and trusted company Amazon is. You can buy almost anything you want on Amazon and do it discretely too. Now Amazon has a fairly new offering where you can sell your stuff.  

You can sell your books on but you can sell other stuff too.

On Amazon, there are no listing fees. The fees are up front and if you plan on having forty or less orders per month the fee is only ninety-nine cents per item sold.  Amazon has a much larger customer viewing than eBay.

You search for the item you want to sell on Amazon, when you find it click on the “Sell mine button“.

Describe the condition of your item, you can even comment on the condition of your item. Commenting will help the buyer to decide if he is willing to accept less than a perfect item.

You set the price for your item at any price you want. Make sure in pricing your items that you remember the cost for shipping and any Amazon costs.

Enter your shipping information. Your shipping information will help buyers to know where and how far the item is from them.

Confirm all of your information is correct and you are ready to start selling.

Now, remember you do not have to sell exclusively on eBay or Amazon, you can do both.

Amazon has phone support for their sellers so, anytime you have a question they are just a phone call away.

You can list your self-published books on Amazon and have your book come up among the big publisher’s offerings for “similar books”.

Every fourteen days your payments are automatically deposited into your checking account. No pay pal fees.


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