How to Remove Spyware for Free

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SPYWARE. Don’t we all hate to hear that our computers have been infected? When this occurs the computer usually sits to the side, because of the many competitive prices on all of the software that is out there, not knowing if it will repair our computers. Well, your worries are over. I have the cure to your problem for absolutely no cost. Yes, you heard me right absolutely, FREE. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way.

Things You’ll Need:


12125781381_Thumb.jpgMALWAREBYTES STEP 1 – READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. Lets get to it. Follow this link to Malwarebytes free download .  This is link is also available at the bottom where I will make all of the other link accessible if your would like to follow them after you have read all of the instructions. Once you have followed the link, CLICK DOWNLOAD NOW (The green button). Do not choose a version. It will automatically select it for you once you proceed. Once you have done this you will be redirected where you can download the file. Your security on your iexporer may cause the file from downloading just click the information in the information bar and allow the file to download. Remember to save the document somewhere that you will be able to locate it afterwards. Run the files once you have downloaded them all.

0e3aa089d9a12d6e_Thumb.jpgMCAFEE STEP 2 – Download McAfee tested Spyware Free .  The same instructions apply to this file. After you have downloaded this file save the document where to can access it once you have finished reading over the rest of the directions.

3a563453911f073e_Thumb.jpg MICROSOFT UPDATE STEP 3 – Lastly, after you have downloaded both files you are going to run Malwarebytes first, McAfee secondly (great thing about McAfee is that it virus scans also) and last you are going to run Microsoft Update.  Microsoft will search your computer for any missing files and update the programs needed. After you have done all of this your computer should be up and running like before. Good luck and send me a message by email should you have any questions ! (CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME)

Tips & Warnings

  • Just as a F.Y.I. This works even quicker if you have another computer where you can save the downloaded files so that you can run it on your infected computer, but if not you will be fine.
  • Remember to save the document somewhere that you will be able to locate it afterwards.
  • Run the files once you have downloaded them all.
  • I am not a computer tech., but work with my computers alot and I have done this and recommended it to quite a few friends and this has solved there problems as well as mine.
  • If this does not help you consult a computer tech. or someone at Geek Squad.



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