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Finding your (or another person’s) ring size is a surprisingly easy thing to do. All you need are: the finger you want to put the ring on, a Ring Sizer and a Jewelry Store or other place where you would buy jewelry, such as eBay, or online jewelry suppliers. Also, it helps if you already have a ring that fits the finger you need to size, but it isn’t necessary.

At the end of this article, there are links to Free Ring Sizers. Click on one, go to it, and print out the paper ring sizer, being sure to uncheck the box that says “fit to page” before you print.There is also a link to a ring sizer that you use to determine the size of a ring you already have. Print that out, too, and follow the instructions for finding the size of your ring.

Usually, there is either a paper strip with size markings on it that you fit around your finger, or a series of holes that you match up with a ring you already have. Either way, pay attention to the size. Different countries and even different stores have different numbers or names for the same size. Often the ring sizer will come with a conversion chart, so know where your ring will be coming from, so you can have the appropriate size handy.

Alternatively, you can go to any jewelry store in any mall or shopping center, or just a freestanding jewelry store, and ask to be measured. They will have a plastic or metal ring sizer that they will slip over the finger you want measured. Usually, they will only be able to measure you for the sizes of their own rings, so if you don’t want to buy a ring there, be sure to ask whether their sizes correspond to the same standard as the ring you’re planning to get elsewhere.

Here are some links to get you started:

A Sizer for a Ring You Already Have

A Sizer for the Finger

A few final suggestions:

  • Know all your finger sizes.
  • Before you buy a ring of any kind, make sure you know what size you’re going to need.
  • If you’re buying an engagement ring, or a ring as a gift, make sure the recipient will want it, and try to find out the size ahead of time. It would be terrible to have to take it back!

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