If you’d like a new fresh look, think TWICE before you get that new haircut.

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‘Never again’ are the words I spoke as I walked out of the salon frustrated and upset because of my haircut. I had clearly shown the stylist a picture of the haircut that I took of my friend and explained how I wanted it in what I felt was descriptive enough 15 minutes prior to sitting down. I was hesitant because this rockstar look was a pretty bold move and having experienced haircut trauma before I was a nervous wreck. This time however, I felt it I was prepared.. but oh was I wrong. Instead of a layered, textured bob-cut, I walked out of that salon with a pixie cut. I was frustrated and even felt a tear of shame drop as I walked out of that salon. I looked at my reflection before opening my car door and immediately felt ugly. I looked, like a boy. A very slim, short, asian teenage boy.

So, before getting your new haircut on the way, try to think of the “what if” before walking into a salon. Don’t take a chance and to make things better, ask for a stylist who has been with the salon the longest. I tend to ask for the master stylist and will even ask for someone who has styled hair for more than 10 years to be average. You can call it demanding but I call it taking careful steps into achieving what I want. I do however have to pay extra because Master Stylists tend to tax people for their skill; but this is a fair price to avoid another embarrassing hair dilemma.

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