Anthropologie – Everytime I hear this word I think of Dinosaurs.

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I have recently discovered this new way of style while clicking through some ads displayed on eHow. It landed me to a website, that landed me to a blog, that landed me to another blog! Her name is Tara Frey and she inspires me. Her style of writing a blog is very similar to how I write with a touch of humor and tons of pictures. Getting back to subject, there’s tons of pictures of her home and it seemed to have come out of a magazine. It did, however get published in a magazine. (Okay so that was still off subject)

Her pictures and her way of style lured me to investigate further on google. What is Anthropologie? First I visited the first website they gave me; I browsed through the many items they sold on their online store and fell in love with the unique and vibrant style! I ordered close to $175 worth of products ranging from hats, belts, and table top decorations. Talk about a way to go huh? I was looking through to find a picture to post along with this article, but had the hardest time. I loved them all! It was so hard to pick something that truly represents this vibrant style and had me sitting there baffled over a picture.

Anyways, if you’d like to know what I’m talking about, experience the joy of fascinating& chaotic colors, visit Http:// It’s not a suitable taste for everyone but I’ve always delighted myself in being different from everyone else. Plus, this great way of style totally gives off a romantic setting to anyone surrounding in it.


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