Getting Started as a Freelancer

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You have decided that you want to stay home with your children and make money. Since you cannot find a full time or part time job that you can do from home that is through an employer, (because the children make too much noise, because you cannot set aside a set time to work, whatever the reason may be) you have decided to become a freelancer. But, where do you start?

Pick a Trade: First, look at your skill set. Maybe you are a computer guru, so designing websites may be an option. If you have no clue about HTML, CSS and that sort of thing, then writing may be an option for you. Heck, if you are reading this, chances are you already contribute to Associated Content, so why not use what you have built there to establish yourself for other writing jobs?

Establish a Home Office: If you are really considering freelancing, you will want to have an office set up to meet the IRS guidelines so you can take advantage of tax breaks that apply to people working out of the home. This means that the computer should only be used for business purposes, so if your kids play games on it, it is out. Carefully study the guidelines, keep records of everything so you can be sure you do not miss anything, and get started. Keep track of all spending from utilities, to membership fees, and even paper and ink for your printer. It will pay off.

Build a Portfolio: Sometimes this is easier said than done. If you choose writing, it is easy. Use Busika and market that page as your portfolio. If you choose web design, you will want to get a domain and hosting of your own, and offer to do several projects for free to use them as experience in your portfolio.

Market: Now that you have built your portfolio, either through your own website or through others, it is time to get started letting people know about what you have to offer. With proper search engine optimization and networking, you will get page views and can earn clients that way.

Now, that alone is not going to generate enough jobs, and you cannot even count on it getting you just one. Therefore, you should look for websites for freelancers, and there are plenty of them. Bid on projects, but be sure that when you bid, you will able to follow through. Check out message boards for work at home professionals, and you will find plenty of leads.

Get Jobs and Get Paid: Always count on getting the job when you bid on others so that you do not overwhelm yourself should you be chosen for all of them. However, always be prepared with back-ups to fill in downtimes, and Associated Content is great for that as a writer. Be professional with all of your jobs, do what is asked of you when it is asked of you, and you will be paid with no problem.

Following these tips will get you up and running in no time!


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