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Everyone is scouring the web trying to earn some effective linksback to their site. Google likes links and the more you have posted on other domains, the better your site looks in the eyes of the bots. In order to effectively earn a wealth of links, you need to leave the HTML at home.

When you comment on another persons blog posting or website, you often try to write a link to your site in the text of the comment. These comments are often moderated and your link never sees the light of day. But, what if you could ensure with every comment, your link was posted online and counted toward the total links to your website? You can!

All you need to do is use your anchor text as the name in the comment box. The website you enter will be the link to the site with that anchor text in mind. For instance, if I wanted to leave a comment linking back to my site, my name would be web content and the address to my website would be used in the website box. Now, when the comment is posted, the anchor text will link back to the appropriate site.

In order for this to work, you will need to read the blog posting or the article you are commenting on. Make sure you have something to offer with your comment even if it is only a bit of wit. Just stopping in to say GREAT POST will often get your comment deleted and that will not help you climb the SERP.


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