Sweet Smells and Depression / Anxiety

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Oh, the sweet smell of flowers, candy, vanilla. No matter the sweet scent, as long as it calms you it can and will help calm your nerves. Many people who suffer from bipolar disorder tend to live life on the edge. Constantly feeling as though they only have one nerve left and the world is bouncing on it. Aromatherapy can help. Scents are know to ease tension and relieve stress. That sounds exactly like what a bipolar needs. But, how do you carry aromatherapy around with you every where you go?

I use two techniques for keeping my favorite scents with me at all times.

#1 – I always carry my favorite perfume with me in my purse. When things get hectic in the grocery store or restaurant, I excuse myself to the restroom and spray a little of my favorite scent in the air around me. I care not if others like the scent, it calms me!

#2 – Car fresheners. My car is my haven. I know at any given time, I am safe within my own walls. To ensure I have that extra support when I need it, I keep extra car air fresheners on hand. I most often use the trees for this purpose. Need a lift, open a tree and breath.

Aromatherapy has been around for many ages and now it can help you to stay medication free with bipolar disorder.  The popularity of Alternative Medicine and Alternative choices, aromatherapy is in good company with other forms of natural treatments. Where once, the bipolar had to choose only from medications and prescriptions, today they have a huge selection of natural methods of treating their manic and depressive states.


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